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Vyanjan Restaurant is located at HEC Town Ship, Sector 2.

It has been nearly been two decades now since the establishment of our Vyanjan Restaurant.Beginning as a small restaurant in the year 2000, Vyanjan Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants of the entire city of Ranchi now. Here, at Vyanjan Restaurant, we work with only the best and the most trusted grocery suppliers to ensure the use of best quality ingredients in the food that we serve. Beautiful Interior design and great infrastructure is what adds up to the experience of dining in this restaurant. As the name may hint you, we have tried giving you an experience of India’s rich culture here. Vyanjan Restaurant has a huge dining space which makes us able to host small as well as large parties, or events. Whether a party of fifty or a party of two, your experience throughout our elegant, yet comfortable space is eventful. Vyanjan Restaurant is a place for family, the one you’re born into and the one you create around food, love and friendship. Each passing of our shared plates and the cooking of your food opens up a new conversation in our restaurant. All we want is our customers to eat healthy, and eat delicious. Visit us once, remember us forever.


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Vyanjan Restaurant gives a home kind of feeling to me, it has been my happy place for 2 years now.

Ishita Malhotra

Student, BIT Mesra.

What’s incredible about this restaurant is the kind of customer experience they give us, super-fast and extremely disciplined. I love this place.

Vishesh Shekhar

Fitness Instructor

The first that I am gonna do after this lockdown ends, is visit this restaurant, and eat as much as I can. I have missed this place every time I craved for good food.

Divya Singh

Nutrition Expert

I have more than a thousand memories in this restaurant, my friends my family everyone loves this place. It is just a different kind of feeling to eat here.

Manish Singh

Software Developer

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